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Biovaplex is extracted from egg membrane, which is the thin, proteinaceous layer between the raw eggshell and the egg white. Biologically, it works with the shell to protect the egg yolk from outside contaminants. However, unlike the shell, egg membrane is rich in protein and other nutrients known to have many practical health applications.

Biovaplex was developed via Biova’s patented Hydro5™ process in which it retains the natural ratios of joint nutrients found in the membrane. It has been clinically proven to provide nutritional building blocks with many benefits such as:

  • Improved range of motion: i.e. mobility, flexibility, and function

  • Promotes a natural anti-inflammatory response

  • Provides antioxidants to reduce free radicals for healthy joints

  • Provides collagen and other beneficial nutrients for a healthy coat

  • Increases energy levels

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*ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity): developed by scientists at the National Institute of Health to measure food antioxidant capacity.

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