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Veterinary Practices, take the #BioHexChallenge and VetBiotek will provide your Veterinary Hospital with up to $100 SVP (Suggested Vet Price) of free BioHex products by submitting your best BioHex Shampoo clinical case testimonial.*  Dermatologists have reported great clinical case outcomes using BioHex as their primary tool for managing superficial pyoderma as recommended by The World Association for Veterinary Dermatology (WAVD) published guidelines in Vet Dermatology 2017; 28: 304-e69, stating Topical Therapy should be used as the sole on-animal antibacterial treatment for superficial infections.

Take the #BioHexChallenge and experience the difference yourself when using BioHex Shampoo with MicroSilver BG, a New Gold Standard in managing topical infections.

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