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Frequently Asked Questions - MicroSilver BG™

Why use MicroSilver BG?

  • Antibiotic resistance has been called one of the world’s most serious public health problems-CDC in Atlanta.

  • CDC in Atlanta has reported over 2 million cases of resistant bacterial infections, over 23k resulting in death in humans.

MicroSilver BG:

  • Proven long term residual activity.

  • Broad spectrum, no known resistance.

  • Safe and natural.

MicroSilver BG vs. Nano (colloidal)?

  • MicroSilver BG constantly produces ions on the epidermis to help fight transient germs, not affecting natural skin flora.

  • MicroSilver BG has an average size of 10 microns-the benefit of the larger size is it stays on the skin surface killing bad bacteria. It does not penetrate the skin or mucous membrane where good bacteria resides.

What is it effective against?

  • Bacteria, fungus/molds.

How is MicroSilver BG manufactured?

  • 99.97% pure medical grade silver is exposed to 2000 degree temperatures with a plasma ray, it is then turned in to a powder form with no impurities.

How safe is MicroSilver BG?

  • MicroSilver BG is very safe, EPA approved.

  • Certified by ECOCERT and Natural Products ASSOCIATION™ in the U.S.

  • Used in products from infants to adults: Eye drops, Dental products, Orthopedic implants, Cement, etc…

  • Sold in 35 countries around the world.

  • Over 100 human products on the market today featuring MicroSilver.


Will it penetrate deep in the skin layers killing the good bacteria?

  • No, it has been proven that MicroSilver BG stays on the stratum corneum due to the size of the particles.


How long is MicroSilver BG active/working?

  • As long as it is present on the skin, it is producing ions and killing bacteria.


How does it stay on the skin?

  • The highly porous particles adhere very well to the skin, skin folds and hair follicles and will remain until physically removed by washing.


Is there any concern orally with licking?

  • MicroSilver BG is currently being used in oral hygiene products with no safety concerns.

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